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    New APMG Agile Programme Management guidence

    New APMG Agile Programme Management guidence

    APMG has announced that they have partnered with the DSDM Consortium to develop Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) guidance and a supporting qualification scheme.

    “AgilePgM will be the first framework that provides programme managers with a comprehensive set of guidance for handling large and potentially complex agile-based programmes, or those that may be a hybrid of agile and non-agile.

    The guidance will enable individuals and organizations to obtain the benefits from agile approaches, whilst addressing the challenges of using agile at scale for programmes of work.

    The complementary qualification scheme will equip those involved in programmes with the tools needed to adopt an agile approach. The scheme will provide the ability to scale agile while incorporating both agile and non-agile initiatives into a programme.

    It will also provide a full programme management framework which can either be used independently or easily applied to existing programme management methods.”

    APMG stated that the AgilePgM guide will be published in early September 2014. The qualification scheme will be available from October.