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  • Project Health Check

    For successful execution of the project the project governance structure must be established to set up effective control and direction to it. Since the senior management responsible for the project do not usually have time to direct and control the project, an effective assurance structure is necessarily set up in an organization. Although, this assurance can be done in-house, a health check performed by an experienced external team impartial to the project can be more objective and effective.
    MakroNorm offers you this experienced and independent health check which can covers the following and other areas:

    Project Organisation

    • Is the project regarded as different from operation work?
    • Do projects have separate management teams? Have the roles and responsibilities been defined clearly in their organisation?
    • Are the projects controlled adequately?

    Ongoing Project Objectives

    • Is there a common agreement about the goals of the project?
    • Are the goals and benefits documented?
    • Are project documents practical and usable and up to date?

    Project Plan

    • Is there a project plan?
    • Does the plan show activities?
    • Does the plan contain sufficient resources for activities to be performed?
    • Is the project divided into stages?
    • Does it have control points and reporting mechanism?

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    MakroNorm is the only Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) in Turkey to provide PRINCE2 training and examinations. We also train and prepare you for PMP certification examination. As well as public courses, we organise in-house standard or tailored training courses for your organisation.

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