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  • Portfolio Management

    Management of Portfolios

    The guide provides practical guidance for managers of portfolios and those working in portfolio offices as well as those filling portfolio management roles outside a formal PfMO role. It will be applicable across industry sectors. It describes both the Portfolio Definition Cycle (identifying the right, prioritised, portfolio of programmes and projects) and the Portfolio Delivery Cycle (making sure the portfolio delivers to its strategic objectives).

    Author: Office of Government Commerce
    Publisher: The Stationery Office (8 February 2011)
    ISBN-13: 9780113312948
    Pages: 142. Paperback

    An Executive Guide to Portfolio Management

    This guide is about Portfolio Management and is specifically aimed at senior executives - the subject is discussed from a strategic perspective. This guide will help you understand how Portfolio Management can assist in addressing the challenges you and an organization face and how to respond to the demands for more customer focussed service.

    Author: Office of Government Commerce
    Publisher: The Stationery Office (18 June 2010)
    ISBN-13: 9780113312603
    Pages: 36. A6 - Paperback

    The Standard for Portfolio Management

    Portfolio management is an integral part of the organization’s overall strategic plan. While project and program management focus on “doing the work right,” the purpose of portfolio management is “doing the right work.” The Standard for Portfolio Management — Third Edition offers the most up to date information regarding accepted practices in portfolio management.

    Publisher: Project Management Institute
    Date Published: 2013
    ISBN13: 9781935589693

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