ISO (International Standards Organization) defines a standard as a document that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.

ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. For business, they are strategic tools that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors, and increasing productivity. They help companies to access new markets, level the playing field for developing countries and facilitate free and fair global trade.

BSI (British Standards Institute) is the business standards company that helps organizations all over the world make excellence a habit.  BSI works with business experts, government bodies, trade associations and consumer groups to capture best practice and structure the knowledge all organizations need to succeed.

Following are some of the publıcations on project management and risk management standards:

ISO 21500 Guidance for Project Management

ISO 21500:2012 Guidence for Project Management provides guidance for project management and can be used by any type of organization, including public, private or community organizations, and for any type of project, irrespective of complexity, size or duration.

ISO 21500:2012 provides high-level description of concepts and processes that are considered to form good practice in project management. Projects are placed in the context of programmes and project portfolios, however, ISO 21500:2012 does not provide detailed guidance on the management of programmes and project portfolios. Topics pertaining to general management are addressed only within the context of project management.

ISO 21500 Pocket Guide

This pocket guide provides you with a quick introduction to one of the latest developments in the project management profession: ISO 21500 ‘Guidance on project management’ being the fi rst really globally accepted standard on project management.

This guide contains a brief and straightforward introduction and high level summary of ISO 21500, with tips for its practical application. It is therefore key knowledge for a project manager who is ready for the future.

Managing Risk the ISO 31000 Way

Managing Risk the ISO 31000 Way has been written for those managers wanting to introduce a system for risk management in to their organization. It is based on ISO 31000, the international standard for risk management, and proposes a framework that can be used by businesses of all sizes and integrated within their existing management arrangements. Utilizing numerous case studies, checklists and examples this practical guide succeeds in making the complex yet essential discipline of risk management accessible and relevant to the needs of any business.

Author: David Smith and Rob Politowski
Publisher: BSI (2013)
ISBN: 9780580675126
Pages: 130


The Risk Management Universe: A guided tour

This book brings together leading experts from various risk management fields to share key insights into what makes their part of the risk management universe unique. Each contributor describes current best practice in their area of expertise, as well as outlining areas for future development. Following this unique guided tour of the main dimensions of the risk management universe, the book concludes with a final integrative discussion which attempts to draw the threads together, identifying underlying themes which unify all types of risk management, and setting the scene for new developments to maximize the effectiveness of risk management in all its diverse areas of application.

Author: David Hillson
ISBN-13: 9780580503467
Publisher: BSI (2007)
Pages: 424

Good Governance – A Risk-based Management Systems Approach to Internal Control

The adverse effects of poor risk management are evident everyday in the news, affecting the lives and welfare of organizations, individuals and society as a whole. Robust management systems will assist resilience and sustain an organization through challenging change. Furthermore, stakeholders in all types of organizations, public or private sector, have increasing expectations of the manner in which organizations are managed. Those responsible for ensuring the successful and sustainable operation of their organizations must be able to demonstrate that their grasp of risk areas within their control is sufficient and that strong internal controls are in place. 

Good Governance – A Risk-based Management Systems Approach to Internal Control outlines the framework of a risk management system and provides guidance on implementation, other management processes and a self-assessment questionnaire. This framework uses as its foundation the Plan, Do, Check, Act approach found in PAS 99, which facilitates an integrated approach across all risk management areas where organizations are seeking the business benefits of such an approach.

Author: David Smith and Rob Politowski
Publisher: BSI (2008)
ISBN: 9780580643132
Pages: 44

Managing Risk and Resilience in the Supply Chain

This practical book explores the co-dependence inherent in supply chains and looks at the difficult task of understanding and managing agendas and risk amongst the various parties. It sets out to explore the ways that supply chains can go wrong, either suddenly or gradually, and discusses opportunities and threats to understanding strategic risk and management of supply chains. A diverse supply chain can both be a useful risk-spreading tool but can also create potentially destructive vulnerabilities.

It is managing this double-edged sword that will make for a successful supply chain. The author brings a mixture of risk management, crisis handling, and above all, multinational chief executive, experience to the subject.

Author: David Kaye
Publisher: BSI (2008)
ISBN-13: 9780580607264 
Pages: 270

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