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  • RiskyProject Training

    RiskyProject is a risk management solution integrated with project management. MakroNorm offers RiskyProject as a practical tool for programme, project and operational risk management in your organization.

    MakroNorm also offers a training programme on how to use the RiskyProject for your risk management. This hands-on course covers the following topics:


    • Overview of risk management concepts and processes, (PMI and PRINCE2 risk management processes, tools and techniques)
    • Risk analysis workflow - decision framing, evaluation and monitoring
    • Managing of risk events using event chain methodology
    • Comparing project costs, revenue and duration with and without risks

    Basic Features of RiskyProject

    • Scheduling with risk and uncertainties
    • Quantitative analysis using event chain methodology
    • Useful tools and reports in RiskyProject

    Project scheduling / Operational work flow

    • Identification of activities and relationship between them, calendars
    • Material and work resources, fixed and variable cost

    Risk identification and response planning

    • Risk properties: probability, impact, outcome, moment of risk, correlations
    • Local and global risks
    • Assigning local risks to task and resources
    • Uncertainties in duration and costs, expressed as statistical distributions
    • Brainstorming for risk identification

    Quantitative analysis and interpretation of results

    • Performing Monte Carlo simulations: convergence monitoring
    • Results of quantitative analysis: base, low, and high schedules
    • Cost and duration analysis on each project gate
    • Chance of project completion (success rate)

    Sensitivity analysis and reality checks

    • What risk is most important?
    • Verifying probabilities and impacts of risks

    Analysis of cost and revenue on different phases of the project

    • Probabilistic cashflow diagram
    • Cost variance: comparing cost with and without risks
    • Critical and crucial tasks: identification of tasks which affect project schedule at most

    Project decision analysis: from project schedule to decision tree

    • Automatic conversion of project schedule to decision tree
    • Decision tree analysis using Vanguard Studio

    Tracking project with uncertainties

    • Forecast versus actual cost
    • Risk and uncertainties for partially completed project

    Integration with project management and business analysis software, reporting

    • Reporting tools: project dashboard, exporting charts, flexible reporting
    • Export/import data to/from other software and relational databases
    • Integration with Microsoft Project / Primavera

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    Who are we?

    MakroNorm is the only Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) in Turkey to provide PRINCE2 training and examinations. We also train and prepare you for PMP certification examination. As well as public courses, we organise in-house standard or tailored training courses for your organisation.

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